intimate geographies

World Premiere 5/7/23

Brandeis University

Gabby Diaz, Violin

Sergey Antonov, Cello

Ilya Kazantsev, Piano

This work was commissioned by Brandeis University. 2023 Henri Lazarof International Composition Competition winner.

Yotam Haber: intimate geographies (2023) **Winner of the 2022 Henri Lazarof International Commission Prize intimate geographies is a loose, discursive journey through my rather nomadic life, forgetting, or omitting a few places, here and there, putting a few places in the wrong order; in other words, recalling and misremembering just like I often do, making mistakes, imagining things that didn’t happen and forgetting things that did. The work is in nine short movements, or life-events, connected without breaks, characterized sometimes by very distant changes in character and material, and at other times, sharing ideas we have experienced before. Mostly, though, this is a very quiet, and I hope, meditative work that I composed downstairs in our new, first-ever home in Kansas City, late at night, while my wife and two young daughters slept above me. ~Yotam Haber

I. Leiden | Birth

II. Côte d’Ivoire | Age 1

III. Zichron Ya’akov | Age 3

IV. Enugu | Age 5

V. New York | Age 25

VI. Milwaukee | Age 10

VII. Bloomington | Age 17

VIII. Ithaca | Age 21

IX. New Orleans | Age 38

X. Kansas City with memories of Rome | Age 43