supernova concerto


A new work-in-progress for SANDBOX Percussion and the UMKC Wind Symphony, Steven Davis, Conductor

World premiere: March 2025

Kauffman Center for the Arts

Kansas City, Missouri

 SUPERNOVA CONCERTO will be a work that reflects on and commemorates the events of 10/7/23 and the aftermath, in – I believe – a perspective that is unusual for a work of commemorative, “monumental” music:

I will be writing a work that tries to capture the joy, ecstasy, and brotherhood that concert-goers experienced the night and early morning at the Supernova Sukkot Gathering – the week-long outdoor music festival in the Negev. 

It will be premiered next spring in Kansas City, at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, in March 2024.
The work itself will involve a major architectural component, where the four percussionists of SANDBOX Percussion are actually choreographically building and destroying a structure on stage during the performance.

A structure that symbolizes a home – not marked as a Palestinian home, nor as an Israeli home, but just a home…and all that it represents for all of us.