May 31 World Premiere of Estro Poetico Armonico II

Collide-O-Scope Music, led by Directors Augustus Arnone and Lou Bunk, presents “Re-Imagined Forms,” a concert of new works by Yotam Haber, Spencer Topel, and Lou Bunk, as well as music by Jason Eckardt and Michael Finnissy. This program draws a spotlight on allusion and re-composition, featuring works which either allude to non-musical forms, translating them into a musical context, or allude to other musical works and re-compose materials from them in a new context.

The program features the premiere of a new quintet by Yotam Haber, commissioned through the Fromm Foundation, which continues Haber’s transcriptions/re-composition of the Estro Poetico-Armonico of Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739) – his own quasi-transcriptions of what he heard in Venetian synagogues. A new work by Lou Bunk, recomposes music by Machaut. Drawing from visual form, Spencer Topel’s “Details on the Strasbourg Rosace” is a musical translation of the composition of the famous stained glass artifice, and Jason Eckardt’s fiercely virtuosic “After Serra” is inspired by the effects of scale and balance in the scupture of Richard Serra. Finally, Michael Finnissy’s “17 Immortal Homosexual Poets,” is drawn from his highly allusive magnum opus “The History Of Photography In Sound,” and features individual tableaux inspired by the form and rhetoric of famous poets.

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